Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why publishers treat book footnotes as endnotes?

From my experience this seems to happen with virtually all books: most of the time the important remarks made by the author about a passage are referenced and placed at the end of the book. The whole process of getting to the actual text of the footnote is really annoying: memorize the page and section you're at, find the page at the end of the book where the notes are, realize that you've just forgotten what reference number you were looking for, switch back to the page you were currently reading etc etc. The effect of this cumbersomeness on me is that I seldom read any footnotes. Why not simply placing the footnotes at the end of the current page? It makes a lot more sense to me. Well, I'm definitely missing something about why it's not the other way.

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Anonymous said...

To that, add Bibliography entries.
End notes should be a death sentence in a same society.