Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Visual image search code from imgSeek ported to digiKam

Glad to know that the fast multiresolution image querying techniques implemented at my imgSeek project have been ported into digiKam:

During my digiKam presentation at LGM2008 i have introduced the concept to be able to search duplicates items around the whole collection of photos. But the concept is not just limited to find the similars photos by using copy, it even allows user to drawn a sketch of photo what user memories and shows photos what has similar shapes and colors as on sketch.

This is not a new concept in fact. An old program for Linux named imgSeek provide already this feature. By my opinion, it's time to update old interface of ImgSeek and make it more suitable for end users by implementing the technology into digiKam.

The old PyQT-based user interface for imgSeek certainly needs a rewrite, and integrating the image processing code into a more stable photo management tool like digiKam makes perfect sense. I haven't tried it yet but congratulations Gilles Caulier and Marcel!

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