Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick thought of the day: Depressing and challenging facts of life

First the depressing one: All the people around you either looking or acting strange (in a bad way) are actually trying to do their best. Now imagine who they really are when no one is around looking.

Challenging one: most of the important things in life are non-linear and hence the beauty of life lies on its unpredictability. The amount of effort you put into something is not proportional to your success. Split-second decisions may have an impact on your entire life (think about that quick moment when you decided to accept a job offer or decided to get married).

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Mari said...

About your depression: I think people are better when they are not with other people. I, for example, sometimes (frequently) act strange with other people )and without too, I confess).It is hard to put ourselves in words and gestures, and to act normally when we want that people like us, or not, love us, or not, respect us, or not, and so on.
About the challenge: I think effort and success are not linearly related, but I think that there is some relation. I agree about the rest, sometimes I also think about these moments that change our lives completely every day.