Sunday, December 09, 2007

Quick thought on the Pareto principle and how to be less annoying

The famous 80/20 principle could go like this: 80% of the effects (being annoying to others) can be explained by 20% of your habits.

Many will agree that constantly saying phrases with the word "I" in it is chief among these 20%.

So practice this (I try, but fail many times): think twice if the phrase you want to say about yourself is really relevant to others.


Anonymous said...

If I could really understand what you wanted to say, I do not agree. Maybe this principle can work for people with whom you do not have intimacy. But if this is not the case, I think people really like to hear about their loved ones - friends, relatives, whatever. Just a opinion. :)

C. M. White said...

[thinks to self] Maybe even just thinking of oneself in the third person every once in a while, to realize how much more one refers to oneself versus referring to others. It seems likely that everyone talks more about themselves than about others.
Trying not to use "I" too much might simply serve to make things more impersonal, which could also cause people to dislike you. It's possible this ties in with the 20/80 principle as well, at some level.