Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enterprise social tagging/bookmarking

Here's another idea for a project that has been on my mind for a long time.

It's basically an opensource clone with some additional features that may be useful for enterprise environments.

The deliverable for this project is a server-side engine for companies to host themselves (or pay someone to host it, like the many hosted corporate wikis offerings out there)

Enterprise-specific features may include: enhanced user profile info/metadata, Microsoft Active Directory integration for user sign-on, department/project segmentation for link visibility (security profiles), links and tag suggestion based on company departments or specific projects/groups.

And just like any other half-decent idea, someone else has already implemented but none at the time of this writing seems to fulfil my requirements:

Scuttle ( is an opensource implementation but does not offer enterprise features.

ConnectBeam ( targets the enterprise and has many features, but is not opensource.

This could fit the opensource-but-with-paid-customization-services business model quite well.

If you're interested, check this idea's microPledge entry.

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Sam said...

Back in November 2007, I released an application that seems to address many of your requests.

TagManage 2007 ( is an open-source enterprise bookmarking application. It is purchased under a commercial license that grants the enterprise the right to modify the source. It's accessed as an installed application within the company rather than as a hosted service.

Because it is built upon organization and sharing, a user can tag a group of users as "sales" and another group of users as "tech support", and then any bookmarks or blog entries that are viewable only to the sales tag will be shared with those users. That covers your link visibility request.

Blogging is syndicated through RSS as well. So if you want to view the "sales" RSS feed, it will show the blog entries written by people that you tagged "sales".

The only piece that my application doesn't include that you were referencing is the tag suggestion.

Do you think this application is a good idea or useless? I'm currently working on additions to authenticate via Active Directory and LDAP because right now it only authenticates through an internal database.