Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can't wait for Visual Studio 2008!

Quoting Sidu Ponnappa:

... When I hit Ctrl+Tab, I want to see the next darn tab. Not a blessed huge pop-up with a preview of the tab. Of all the silly ideas, why a preview of the tab when you can just show the darn tab instead. ... I'm sure someone somewhere in Redmond who's never used an IDE in their lives looked at Vista's application switcher and thought 'Hey, that's a good idea'. Maybe it is for a Desktop app switcher - but this is (purportedly) an IDE. Jeez. How would you like it if the next time you hit Ctrl tab in Firefox you get this lovely big pop-up covering half your screen with a tiny little preview of the page in there, huh? ...

And Sidu forgot to mention the extra 20 MB of memory wasted on this "usability feature". Well, not all is lost: I'm sure Microsoft will remember to make it optional ;)

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