Saturday, December 10, 2005

oh the irony of time: Paul Graham on the switch of from Common Lisp to Python

This is just another stupid post on the switch of from Common Lisp to Python.

I did a quick search on for all Paul Graham posts, and look at the two top posts in this particular order:

startup using Lisp
One of the cooler new web apps I've seen is written in Common Lisp. It's an "aggregator" like Slashdot, except the stories ...
- comp.lang.lisp - Jul 26, 12:17 pm by paulgraham

Reddit rewritten in Python
I told them it was fine with me if they wanted to rewrite the thing in Python. It's not as if the program is some hugely sophisticated collection of macros and continuations. Most of the complexity in the software is social, rather than technical. Python is perfectly adequate for it. Incidentally, the last straw, I've been told, was some bug in CMUCLthreads that kept making the system crash.
- comp.lang.lisp - Dec 9, 1:00 am by paulgraham

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