Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Million Dollar Homepage. One dollar per pixel.

There is no limit to human creativity. On The Million Dollar Homepage, you pay a dollar per pixel of advertisement, and guess what ? The owner is selling 1 million pixels. So far 240,100 pixels have been sold.

And to prove the first phrase on this post, someone is doing the same thing, but charging 20 cent per pixel, with the following slogan "Why pay five times more?". The owner actually bought some pixels on the million dollar page.


Anonymous said...

Here is another one:

Anonymous said...

and another...actually, it makes sense for this woman as she doesn't have the chances left that the younger folks do:, and we all know about social INsecurity.

Anonymous said...

AdsByWorld is a first flash map based advertising website and the countries are being sold on EBay auctions.

Each two weeks , all countries are placed in their own auction pages on EBay and prospective owners bid to win their countries. The logo , the advertisment message and the website link of winner will be published on the World map on the website for two weeks until next auction ends. After the new auction is ended , if someone paid more than the owner of the country , owner will change. The top winner who makes the biggest payment of the all auctions in a week will have got a bonus country. The top winner can have got an unsold a country beside its own country.

AdsByWorld placed 51 countries for first auctions which got the largest area on the world. AdsByWorld Officials say that they received a lot of email in one day for placing other countries in EBay auctions. The idea of AdsByWorld is growing website traffic and unique visitor counts for websites of winners.

Are you an advertiser and do you want to put your advertisment on the map of your country?

So visit and join the big race to build your empire.