Sunday, September 18, 2005

subversion in 2 minutes on Debian Linux

On a Debian (SID) system, it should be as simple as this:
# apt-get install subversion
This will install all necessary binaries and tweak /etc/services so svnserve is executed by the user starting the ssh tunnel upon network activity.

Create a repository to store versioning data:
$ svnadmin create ~/svn
Import a source tree into subversion:
$ svn import /home/rnc/coEdit svn+ssh://
With this import command, all files under /home/rnc/coEdit will be checked in as the toplever dir coEdit on your repository.

Now you need to checkout a working copy of your project source code:
$ cd ~/myWorkDir/
$ svn co svn+ssh://
Now you are ready for commiting and updating source under ~/myWorkDir/coEdit. From here on, refer to /usr/share/doc/subversion/book/book.html for detailed usage info.

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