Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The naive vegetarian

From The naive vegetarian:

As we know, when it needs food, our body indicates this to us with the feeling of hunger. But there are also other signals if specific nutrients are deficient. Meat is the best source of several nutrients. When our bodies are deficient in these, we become irritable and aggressive. This is a perfectly natural signal built into our genetic make-up over our evolution: our bodies are telling us to go out and kill something to eat. This is why strict vegetarians tend to be so vociferous. It is a trait that was recognised long ago; it was, after all, the vegetarian Cain who killed the carnivorous Abel, not the other way round. The vegan Kikuyu tribe in Kenya were the perpetrators of the murderous Mau Mau in the 1950s, not their wholly carnivorous, but peaceful, neighbours, the Maasai.

Mind-opening article. Dad always told me not to trust on anyone not eating meat.


Chris said...

Perhaps, but then things get slightly complicated. First of all, Cain probably didn't eat meat since God did not give people permission to eat it until after the flood (Genesis 9:3); all he did was raise sheep for wool and sacrifices. Secondly, Cain killed Abel out of jealously, not anger. Third, diets high in fat and protein can cause certain hormonal and physical changes, such as obesity and increased testosterone levels. Beyond a certain point, all extra testosterone does is cause heart problems and irrational anger.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that thought, however I just think you're an ignorameous as well! Good source checking there sire.. Have a nice day!

Ricardo N C said...

my eating philosophy is very simple: eat a little bit of everything, nothing is forbidden and nothing is consumed in excess.