Wednesday, September 21, 2005

gmail tip: multiple email aliases to the same inbox

GMail has a feature (or a bug ?) which allows you to append a plus sign followed by a keyword to your account name and it'll ignore this sufix. Think of it as a way to create several aliases for your inbox.

I've set up one so that all email sent to will be delivered as an SMS message to my cellphone. All I had to do was create a filter like the one below. (and of course, your cellphone company must support forwarding emails to your phone).
Matches: to:(
Do this: Forward to, Skip Inbox
remember to replace account by your gmail account and to the email address your company set you up.

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Anonymous said...

This is not specific to gmail.
The wikipedia article "E-mail address" says:

According to RFC 2821, "the local-part MUST be interpreted and assigned semantics only by the host specified in the domain part of the address. In particular, for some hosts the user "smith" is different from the user "Smith".

Plus addressing is one of the benefits of this limitation. Some mail servers allow a user to append +tag to their email address ( The text of tag can be used to apply filtering.